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The Inca® System is the world’s only pressure-volume loop system approved for human use and provides operators with over 50 real-time measures for the most comprehensive analysis of hemodynamics and ventricular function. Inca Pressure-Volume Loop System (CFL-M) More info CD Leycom’s high-fidelity, solid-state Pressure Volume loop catheters are easy to deliver and provide confidence in making real-time diagnostic decisions. PV Loop Catheter More info Conduct NT® software will help streamline your surgical workflow and allow for unique customizations for PV loop data display, acquisition, calibration, and analysis. More info The SIGMA-M©, successor to the Sigma-5DF, is a SMD technology based modular electronic signal conditioner-processor, enabling continuous calibrated measurement of ventricular volume combined with real time measurement of pressure; a complete system for the study of cardiac function by pressure-volume loop analysis. Special features: price:quality; hardware is software controlled; expandable; automatic calibration of pressure and volume. More info

CD Leycom

CD Leycom designs and develops medical devices for the continuous real-time measurement of cardiac function and performance. In addition to volume, intra-cardiac pressure is recorded simultaneously to produce continuous real-time images, known as Pressure-Volume loops (PV loops), widely recognized as a ‘Gold Standard’ of cardiac function and performance.   PV loops provide insights on all aspects of heart function, which has proven to be invaluable for cardiac research and in guiding select cardiac interventions where comprehensive quantitative data is needed.


PV Loop Diagram
2019 Bastos et al.
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